About our Digital Skills Sessions

Our digital skills sessions help parents and carers support their children and families when they get online. We look at a range of topics, including but not limited to, Managing social media Safely, Privacy Settings and Parental Restrictions, Avoiding Online Fraud, Support with Online Learning.

These 2 hours sessions are based at Wandsworth Schools and Community Centres across the borough.

Digital Skills 6

Session Feedback

I really enjoyed the session, even though I had passwords set up on most Apps, this session helped me to realise there are more ways I can create secure passwords and ultimately help keep my children and family safe. I even learnt about password managers which I’d never even heard of before!

I learnt a lot of information regarding keeping our children safe when playing online games. I would recommend this session to any parent with concerns

It was great to learn about online safety and understanding how parental control works. Big thank you to Power to Connect

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