Power to Connect


Power To Connect was set up as a joint initiative between Battersea Power Station and Wandsworth Council as a direct response to the COVID19 Crisis. Local schools close to Battersea Power Station shared their concern for families struggling to homeschool their children without suitable devices or access to the internet. BSP established Power To Connect as a donation scheme for people to give their old unused devices and update them into Google Chromebooks with the support of IT Volunteers and then deliver them to local schools. Battersea Power Station Foundation granted £10,000 for families to access data vouchers and dongles to connect to the internet and support homeschooling.

Devices are given to local schools based on Pupil Premium Data (this relates to families on free school meals). Schools are in charge of allocating the devices to families who are most in need. There are an estimated 6000 families on free school meals in Wandsworth alone. 

To date: 

  • 200 Devices have been donated – 180 laptops & 20 tablets 
  • 152 Devices Updated & Delivered to local schools 
  • 30 Schools have received devices 
  • 50 Volunteers have signed up to support 

We are accepting donations on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 am – 12pm at The Rose Centre we will follow up with an email with the address. 

Once we have the laptops, we replace the operating system to turn the laptops into Chromebooks, this means the existing operating system and along with all of its data is wiped from the device. Once the laptops are updated into Chromebooks, the new user needs to log into the laptop using a Gmail email address. Before the devices go to schools, they are checked by two of our IT Team before they are cleaned again and bagged up.      

We will send a simple document for you to sign which we will email across. This is the recommended template shared with us by The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). 

Yes absolutely, if you don’t have a device you can donate cash here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/power2connect

Is it possible to find someone in your organisation who can go safely into your office to collect the devices? If not, please let us know when people may be returning to your office and we will be in touch then. Please keep Power To Connect in mind in the future, when your company is updating employee laptops, we can safely recycle the laptops and get them to families who need them locally. 

Yes, we can collect donations, if there is a significant number of devices, ideally 20+. We also have a drop-off point at The Rose Centre in Nine Elms Battersea. Drop off days are Tuesdays or Thursdays 10am – 12pm.

Yes, ideally laptops are no more than 5 years old with a complete charger. If the devices are in good condition, we can source additional chargers. 

Yes, at the moment. Our long term plans are to deliver in neighbouring boroughs across South London.